First time WPT - World Padel Tour Amsterdam

WPT Amsterdam Open

Timeless Investments and Kroonenberg Group, the licence holders, are the ones who are bringing the tournament to the Netherlands for three years. Triple Double, Golazo Sports & Deux Agency are organising the tournament. As the tournament director, former professional tennis player, John van Lottum, is the face of the World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open. He promises that the event, to be held in Amsterdam in the autumn, will add a new dimension to padel sport, and attract even more fans.

Padel has been exploding in popularity across the world for many years now. More and more people are trying out the new sport and watching World Padel Tour matches. The World Padel Tour is not only the biggest tournament in the world, it also determines the professional padellers ranking. Brand new Dutch champions, Uriël Maarsen and Bram Meijer, will participate in the tournament. They have received a wildcard from the organization to represent the Netherlands on the best and most professional global padel circuit.

Two venues will be used for the competitions. Matches will be held in Plaza Padel Amsterdam during the qualification rounds, and the finals will be held in the Central Market Hall in Amsterdam. Besides the padel matches, there will be various side events, which are just as much fun as padel itself. Like the partying, food trucks, kids events and much more. Tickets for the matches and associated events will be available soon via this website.

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11 Oct - 15 Oct 2023