Organisatie - World Padel Tour Amsterdam


The license of the tournament is in the hands of Timeless Investments and Kroonenberg Group. The organization of the tournament is done by Triple Double & Golazo Sports. Former professional tennis player John van Lottum is the tournament director for the World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open. He promises that this Amsterdam edition will bring a new dimension to padel and will create even more fans in our country and online.

Padel has been experiencing tremendous growth worldwide for years. More and more people are trying out the new sport and watching matches of the World Padel Tour. The World Padel Tour is not only the biggest tournament in the world but it also determines the ranking of professional padel players.

The matches of the tournament will be played in two locations. We will announce the locations soon. Besides the padel matches, there will be several side events, which are just as fun as padel itself. More information about the side events will be updated soon. Tickets for the matches and side events are soon available on our website.

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11 Oct - 15 Oct 2023