KNLTB partner van World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open- World Padel Tour Amsterdam

The KNLTB has committed itself to the World Padel Tour (WPT) Amsterdam Open for 2023 and 2024, becoming co-licensee of the only Dutch and the largest tournament on the WPT calendar. The association will play a big role in the sports management of the WPT Amsterdam Open and promotes the event to national tennis and padel clubs and players. From October 11 to 15, the tournament will take place at AFAS Live.

Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world and also in the Netherlands. Within the KNLTB this racket sport plays an increasingly prominent role and the association has a solid plan to grow padel. Part of that plan is to host major international tournaments in the Netherlands, including a WPT event. Like top tennis, top padel is now fully integrated into the KNLTB organization, with the ultimate goal of joining the world top.

Next level

Erik Poel, general director KNLTB: "The Amsterdam Open created a lot of exposure around padel at its debut on the World Padel Tour last year. In October the tournament in AFAS Live will be taken to the next level. With our technical padel knowledge and years of experience in organizing international tournaments, we are happy to contribute to the event. The KNLTB finds it of great importance that such a tournament takes place in the Netherlands, that Dutch top players can participate and that the Dutch public can see the international padel top up close. Together we make the sport accessible to everyone, through side events we let people experience the sport and help them on their way to play padel. Participation in WPT Amsterdam Open fits seamlessly into the plan we have drawn up for the development of padel."

Padel is here to stay

John van Lottum, tournament director of WPT Amsterdam Open: "The fact that the KNLTB becomes a partner of our tournament means that padel really is 'here to stay'. Not a hype, but a serious sport with serious policies and a professional approach. We look forward to the partnership and count on working together to lift WPT Amsterdam Open to an even higher level. In terms of professional organization, in terms of ambiance, in terms of spectator numbers and undoubtedly also in terms of sporting performance. Moreover, with the KNLTB on board, we will reach many more padel enthusiasts across the country, with which a sold-out house in AFAS Live in October is in sight."

In addition to KNLTB, Timeless Investments and Kroonenberg Groep are license holders. The organization of the tournament is being handled by Triple Double, Golazo Sports and Deux Agency. Former professional tennis player John van Lottum is the face of the World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open as tournament director.

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11 Oct - 15 Oct 2023