Ticket verkopen- World Padel Tour Amsterdam

🚨 Tickets for the World Padel Tour Decathlon Amsterdam Open are sold out. Through our official resell platform you will find tickets from visitors who unfortunately can no longer attend. This is the only way to still get a ticket for the sold out days. So keep a close eye on the platform!

This is how to buy a ticket through the resell platform

Want to buy a ticket for the event, but tickets are sold out in the ticketshop? Don't worry! Through our official resell platform, tickets are regularly offered from individuals selling their ticket(s).

Buying a ticket via our resell platform is how you do it:

1) Select one of the available tickets for the desired day via our official resell platform

2) Create an account

3) Enter your payment details and buy the ticket of your choice

4) You will then receive a confirmation and/or personalised e-mail

This is how to sell your ticket through the resell platform

Have you bought a ticket but cannot attend for whatever reason? Then you can easily sell your ticket through our official resell platform:

1) Go to the confirmation email of your ticket purchase

2) Click on the Manage order button to go to your order page

3) Click More promotionsSales.

4) Select the ticket you want to sell and set the price

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11 Oct - 15 Oct 2023