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The sport of padel has been experiencing great growth for several years. For instance, it is already the most played sport in Argentina, the second most played sport after football in Spain, and the fastest growing sport worldwide.

In the Netherlands, padel is part of the KNLTB. They organize tournaments and actions for padel in the Netherlands.

World Padel Tour is an international tournament for professional padel players. Because at first many separate tournaments were organized, it was decided to establish the World Padel Tour in 2012. The first edition took place in 2013.

Today, the World Padel Tour is a professional world tournament for top-level players. An important innovation at the time was the free worldwide live stream of WPT tournaments. With this, the World Padel Tour ensured that people from all over the world could watch the sport, gaining enormous attention.

Whereas initially the World Padel Tour was only played in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, in the past 10 years several (European) countries have been added, including The Netherlands!

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11 Oct - 15 Oct 2023