Decathlon naamgever van World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open- World Padel Tour Amsterdam

Decathlon and the World Padel Tour (WPT) Amsterdam Open have agreed on a partnership that ties the sports brand as the name partner to the biggest padel tournament on the international calendar until 2024. The WPT Decathlon Amsterdam Open will take place at AFAS Live from 11 to 15 October next.

According to Decathlon Netherlands CEO Lisa Noraz, the partnership fits perfectly with the sports brand's vision and strategy: "Padel's popularity has grown extremely fast in recent years and we expect this growth to continue. This makes it one of the sports on which Decathlon will continue to focus in the coming years. This partnership contributes to our vision 'move people through the wonders of sport'; with the WPT Decathlon Amsterdam Open, we want to inspire people to play this beautiful sport."

Tournament director John van Lottum: "Decathlon's strength is that they make padel accessible to a broad target group. In the international padel circuit, the brand has become indispensable, professionals use their products and every athlete owns a Decathlon product. This partnership really is a 'perfect match', because it gives us the opportunity to bring the WPT Decathlon Amsterdam Open -and padel in general- to the attention of the general public throughout the country."

Decathlon: 1.750 branches in 70 countries

The WPT Decathlon Amsterdam Open will take place from 11 to 15 October 2023 at AFAS Live, right opposite the Decathlon Arena branch, on the Johan Cruijff Boulevard. That was the very first Decathlon branch in the Netherlands in 2000. The originally French sports brand was founded in 1976, now has 21 branches in our country, has grown to over 1,750 shops in more than 70 countries worldwide and sells products for more than 100 sports. These products are designed, developed and tested by Decathlon itself.

Sjoerd Dijkstra, Commercial Manager Padel Decathlon Netherlands: "With the WPT Decathlon Amsterdam Open we have an excellent opportunity to introduce an even bigger audience in the Netherlands to this fantastic sport. We have been developing products for padel since the 1990s. We do this in Madrid, among others in cooperation with Horacio Álvarez Clementi, the Argentinian coach and former world number 1. Since then, our range has grown into a wide and high-quality range for both top athletes and recreational players, with which even pros Maxi Sánchez and Lucía Sainz play on the international tour."

Wednesday 11 October Dutch Day

World Padel Tour (WPT) Decathlon Amsterdam Open is organised by Triple Double, Golazo Sports and Deux Agency. 'Founding partners' Timeless Investments and Kroonenberg Groep brought the tournament to the Netherlands in 2022 and they are currently licensees together with the KNLTB. The first edition last year in the Central Market Hall was an instant success, both in terms of spectator numbers and media reach.

Millions of people around the world watched online, the live broadcast of the final day on RTL7 attracted nearly 400,000 viewers and 20,000 people attended the event. Regular tickets for the finals weekend in AFAS Live are already sold out. Tickets are still available for the remaining days, such as for Dutch Day on Wednesday 11 October, when all top Dutch players will be in action.

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11 Oct - 15 Oct 2023