Continu Professionals new partner of World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open - World Padel Tour Amsterdam

Continu Professionals, a technical recruitment agency that has been helping professionals and employers grow for over 25 years, has signed a partnership agreement with the World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open. This move takes them further into the fastest-growing sport in the Netherlands.

On March 20th, it was announced that the World Padel Tour will return to Amsterdam for a second edition. The tournament, which will take place from October 11th to 15th this year at AFAS Live, has shown that the Netherlands is crazy about this sport, and this is also evident in the business world. Today, John van Lottum signed an agreement with Continu Professionals from Eindhoven.

Tournament director John van Lottum is pleased with the entry of Continu as a new partner: “A company that helps to achieve growth ambitions is a perfect match for our tournament. The upcoming sport of padel continues to grow in the Netherlands, and Continu’s commitment to it shows that there is a lot of growth potential. In 2021, Continu also signed an agreement with the KNLTB padel, and their partnership with the World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open demonstrates their belief in the power of padel.”

Ramses Peppinck, CCO of Continu Professionals, is also pleased with the new partnership with the World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open: “As the largest technical intermediary in the Netherlands, we are delighted to support this prestigious event. Padel is a fast-growing sport that has gained popularity in recent years, and we are proud to bring the World Padel Tour to Amsterdam and promote the sport in the Netherlands.”

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11 Oct - 15 Oct 2023