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The history of padel

Padel has its roots back in Mexico. While many people think that padel comes from Spain or Argentina, it was Mexico that introduced the sport in 1962. It is still a mystery how the sport originated, but the story goes that a wealthy Mexican from Acapulco built a padel court in his garden.

The word padel comes from padel, which brings the story back to the mid-1890s. In which English ships sailed to America. To make the journey more pleasant, the crew looked for entertainment and so they started playing tennis with paddles, or padel.

The sport grew among the Mexican elite in South America, from where it spread to Spain. In 1970, the Spanish royal family introduced the sport, after which it became the second most popular sport in the country, after football.

Centrale Markthal, Amsterdam
28 Sep - 02 Oct 2022