Padel in Nederland - World Padel Tour Amsterdam

Padel in the Netherlands

Since 2016 the KNLTB and the NPB have represented padel in the Netherlands. In November 2019 they announced a joint competition calendar which led to their merger in July 2020. Since then, all activities surrounding padel are covered by the KNLTB.

There are currently around 75 thousand active padel players in the Netherlands, with a doubling expected over the next 2 years. Many well-known former football players such as Ronald de Boer, Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder are active padel players in The Netherlands.

The two best male padel players are Uriël Maarssen and Bram Meijer. The two best female padel players are Milou Ettekoven and Tess van Dinteren.

Centrale Markthal, Amsterdam
28 Sep - 02 Oct 2022