Spelregels - World Padel Tour Amsterdam

Rules of play

The rules of padel are very similar to those of tennis. You serve diagonally from behind the baseline, the ball should bounce over the net and you can volley. One difference is that you can use the walls. You are allowed to let the ball hit the walls after a bounce and then hit it back to the other side before the new bounce.

The serve

At padel, it is compulsory to serve underhand and the ball may only be hit at waist height. You start serving from the right side and then switch between left and right per point.

The serve must land diagonally, without touching the net, in the opponent's service box. It is then allowed that the ball touches the glass wall, but not the metal cage. If the ball lands in the opponent's service box via the net, the serve may be replayed.

The scoring process at padel is almost identical to that of tennis. The points you score are: 15, 30, 40 and game. At 40-40 it is deuce and two consecutive points must be scored to win the game.

An exception to this rule is made with the "golden point". A golden point is an exception that the WPT added to the rules in 2020 to add more tension to the game. The rule means that at a score of 40-40, the receiving team may decide on which side they want to receive the serve. The one who wins this point, wins the game.


During a rally, the ball may only hit the ground once. It is up to the player whether to allow the ball to bounce or to volley. If the ball hits the glass wall or the fencing without having bounced, the point is awarded to the opponent. After the ball has bounced, the walls and fencing may be used to get the ball over the net.

If the ball is knocked out of the cage on the ground it is a point for the attacking side, unless the opponent runs out of the cage and brings the ball back into the cage, in which case the game continues with the normal rules.

Centrale Markthal, Amsterdam
28 Sep - 02 Oct 2022